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Ladaromaani (2012)

by Wolfgang Herrndorf(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: This more than stood up to a second reading. It's a summery book about being on the cusp of adulthood and while it follows some road movie conventions there are some unexpected turns as well. The ending packs a real punch and the novel has a lot to say about parents, school, and authority figures in general. A novel with a big heart and a positive message, it goes under the name of "Why we took the car" in English - the German title is the nickname of one of the central characters.
review 2: This teenage road trip novel, superbly translated into English from the original German, definitely earns all of its hype. Two of only three people not invited to the school party of the year awkwardly find each other,and consequently "borrow" a Lada and embark on a road tr
... moreip to "Wallachia" sans cellphones or maps, but with a few of the more important necessities of 14 year old life: like frozen pizzas and a single CD. As in any true coming of age story, both "losers" who are named Mike and Tschick respectively learn a lot about themselves on the trip and reveal some personal secrets. These boys are true innocents at heart despite their criminal tendencies, and their journey is a romp through some pretty exciting geography and some pretty eccentric characters, from an ex-Nazi to a homeschooling Harry Potter expert to a benevolent, hippo-sized speech pathologist. The reader cannot help but enjoy the boys' youthful exuberance and quixotic problem solving. So sad that the author (Wolfgang Herrndorf) died just as the book was beginning to garner international attention - a real loss for young and not-so young readers everywhere. less
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Sensationelles Roadmovie. Man fühlt den Teenager, man WIRD zum Teenager, wenn man das liest.
wow. i loved all the adventure in this book and the end was very satisfying!
Pretty much perfect. Misfits on a joyride bypassing the autobahn...
So verrückt. So tragikomisch. So geil geschrieben!
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