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The Alpha Meets The Rogue (2012)

by xXdemolitionloverXx(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Right now I've been obsessed with Werewolf books and xXdemolitionloverXx has definitely became one of my new favourite authors. Leila has been forced into engagement with an aggressive, old, widowed Alpha. But as her wedding day approaches she runs from her family and pack and becomes rogue. On her travels she rests in a stretch of land that she believes doesn't currently belong to a pack. But when the Beta (second in command) takes a liking to her ad she is introduced to the possessive Alpha of the Midnight Moon pack. The trouble is Leila is on the run and her mate, the possessive alpha refuses to let her go.Dylan is the Alpha of the Midnight Moon pack, he was a carefree mateless man until her found Leila. An undetected rogue with his Beta. Instantly he feels the connect... moreion and realises that she is his mate, but he needs to protect her. This novel is amazing, the strange connections between each character is amazing. I also love how each of the authors books are connected to each other; I suggest you read them all!!
review 2: I love this book.... it is one of my fav in wattpad:) This book is a perfect mixture of action and romance and friendship.You will fall in love with Dylan. I seriously want a mate like Dylan *sighs*, lucky liela. Eric is another one of my fav characters in the book... he is too cute and a true friend cum guard. I am giving four stars because this book is definitely worth reading!!! The author is currently writing a sequel titled "The Alpha Meets His Match". you can check it out in wattpad. less
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i read it on wattpad loved the book. if i could buy this book in stores i would. !!!
Loved every bit of it! Can't wait to read it again!
recommended..this is one of my fave books..^ ^
the alpha meets the rogue!! ermergerdd!!
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