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Dream Friends (2013)

by You Byun(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
039925739X (ISBN13: 9780399257391)
Nancy Paulsen Books
review 1: Dream Friend is a story about a little girl, Melody, who has special dream. Melody wants to bring the friend she meets in her dream into real life, but that doesn’t happen. Melody begins dancing by herself while she imagines dancing in her dreams. Melody dances just like she would be dancing in her dreams. Soon, a friend comes along and dances with Melody, right by her side. After dancing together, they are instantly best friends. Melody tells her new friend about her wonderful dreams. They then plan a sleep over together so now they both can experience Melody’s special dreams together. The text won’t tell you what is in Melody’s dreams that make them so special; readers must look at the illustrations to find out what Melody is dreaming about. Readers feel as if th... moreey are also experiencing Melody’s dreams through the outstanding illustrations. This book would be a good book to represent friendship but personally, I would not include this book as a candidate for my classroom bookshelf.
review 2: This story is about a young girl named Melody who is new in her neighborhood and is very shy when it comes to making friends. Melody has a “dream friend” that she plays with in her dreams. No matter how hard she tries, she is unable to take her dream friend out of her dream. One day while playing on the playground at school melody met a friend. While reading the story, the illustrations made it quite prevalent to what Melody’s dream world was, and what the real world was. The illustrations of Melody’s dreams were so exotic, accented with a lot of dark purples, blues, yellows, and reds. The illustrator did a great job of incorporating actions into the pictures, so even without reading the words the reader would still be able to get the gist of the story based on what the characters were doing. This book would be appealing to children who know what it is like to be the “new kid” and may be slow at making friends. This book shows how far a little creative thinking and imagination can take us, and that the right friends come along at the right time. Very cute book! less
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great for a friendship-themed psst. and the illustrations are beautiful
Brief but lovely tale with delightfully dreamy illustrations.
cute illustrations, story is okay but doesn't stand out
I LOVE the illustration style in this book.
Very meet/cute, with very kawaii-ish art!
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