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I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You (2013)

by Yumi Sakugawa(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 4
1440573026 (ISBN13: 9781440573026)
Adams Media
review 1: I fell in love with every word scribbled in this paperback, and I fell hard like a gravity-succumbing anchor dropping into a succulent chasm. It felt as if my heart has been acupunctured with a million needles, most of which danced as if in a cotillion at the large of my pumping aorta, rendering me immobile and leaving me both profusely bleeding in the end and looking baffled at how to stitch back these lacerations of melancholy Sakugawa and her words had carved in me.This book comprises all the things you want to say but couldn't put into words. It has a simple yet very profound story, and it is the kind of book you want and you should to give to your dear mates. This makes me feel so thankful of the friendships and bonds I've created.
review 2: For something
... moreso cute with it's illustrations and message and title it was surprisingly painful. The book was sweet and was something I could definitely relate to with every page read but as the ending approached it became more painful to read. I did enjoy this book though, it wasn't very long and even though it did hurt like being slapped in the face at the ending. It left a rather bittersweet taste in my mouth, and while I did want the ending to be happy, there was /some/ room for the hope of a happy ending so that was slightly comforting. (but not by that much) It still made me want to cry, especially as you cant help but think of someone close to you throughout reading the book and the ending did make your heart twist a little as you cant help but relate that to the person as well. Or, at least that is what I felt. less
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This book was so cute and sweet. Very of the moment
the internet.
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