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Your Illustrated Guide To Becoming One With The Universe 1 (2013)

by Yumi Sakugawa(Favorite Author)
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Yumi Sakugawa
review 1: This book was amazing. My good friend Lauren recommended it to me and I loved it. It put me into a good mood while i was reading it and I know that I will be reading this little book again and again. It captures the idea of oneness-awareness with super cute illustrations. I loved the drawings and the little words of advice and kindness throughout the book. I'm hoping to read and see more of Yumi Sakugawa's work because this book really opened my eyes and made me smile. Whether you want to work on your oneness with the universe or just want a quick little happy read, this book is fantastic.
review 2: Beautifully illustrated and generates a sense of serenity and calm throughout. Though a majority of this book is dreamlike and metaphorical, it really does make you
... more feel like you have all the tools to improve yourself and, by extension, the universe. Sakugawa really utilizes black and white imagery, specifically the incorporation of white space, to infuse the readers' experience with a sense of calm and serenity. Not only does this book promote meditation, but it emanates a feeling of peace through its simplicity and "open" drawings. Sakugawa negates traditional paneling in this graphic novel, and I believe that choice encourages a sense of freedom and timelessness in her work. I really respect Sakugawa's work, and the fact that this book was beautifully crafted is undeniable. less
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Savasana in book form. I just wish it was longer (but I couldn't resist reading it all at once).
Such beautiful, thoughtful, brilliant work!
plant them like you mean it.
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