Gordon Biersch Brewing Company Chum Dry Hopped Red Ale

Happy belated Halloween everyone! Who’s ready for some hockey!? Jack from The Intoxicated Review here yet again with another beer! I may have mentioned this before…but I am a huge hockey fan! My team is our beloved Los Tiburones…the San Jose Sharks! Imagine my excitement when local brewer Gordon Biersch decided to make a beer dedicated to my favorite team…SCORE! Here’s the review:


Gordon Biersch Brewing Company




Hops: Tettnang and Hallertau


As described above, this is a red ale. When poured into a glass, this ruby red delight forms a head upon finishing the pour and settles to about one eighth of an inch. Just the look of this ale entices one to take a sip.


When you pop the top or simply take a whiff from the glass you immediately get hints of a spicy, hoppy, floral smell. The spicy smell comes from imported hops used in brewing the beer. When I smell it…I’m immediately at the game…even if I’m watching at home or at the bar…I can hear the puck bouncing off the end boards, the clack of the sticks, and the thud of a completed check.  Who wants another?


This is a very smooth red ale that has a crisp finish on the back end.  There are hints of spice that don’t overpower the true taste of the beer. The beer has lots of unique flavor due to the imported hops used. It has a taste that will leave you circling the bar as  you crave another…kind of like blood in the water…then the frenzy begins… Sorry…I think I just described shark week…but you will want another…seriously.


The Chum Red Ale has a medium light to medium texture to it. It’s not too heavy, which makes it a very drinkable beverage. It’s smooth up front and smooth with a crisp finish on the back end.


All in all, this is a very uniquely tasting beer. I am a fan of red ale, but usually I will shy away, but anytime this one is on tap or available in bottle form I will get one. I highly recommend sampling this beverage, you won’t regret it.

Thank you very much for reading! I’m off to the arena to see the game!



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