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Thunder And Ashes (2008)

by Z.A. Recht(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 1
1934861014 (ISBN13: 9781934861011)
Permuted Press
Morningstar Strain
review 1: I'm not much of a review writer, but I HAD to comment on this book. This is probably the best zombie series I've read so far! Great building of characters, great action, great situations that the characters get into! You genuinely believe and care about the characters, plus the small twist on the zombie virus is original and very interesting. And I will say, without a doubt, this sequel to Plague of the Dead is better than the original! Can't wait to get into the third book!
review 2: Wow, in the first one society was starting to go downhill because it was on the brink of a zombie apocalypse. Now that brink is gone and the apocalypse is here. In this sequel, the story picks up RIGHT where the first one stopped. Sawyer is still after Mason and he has even broke
... moren off from the government and created a group to "fix" the current state of the U.S. Sherman and his group are still working their way towards Omaha and Krueger is pretty much the M.V.P. of all the soldiers. The action is once again non-stop and constant. Z.A. Recht does it again! less
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Fun read - not the best Zombie book, but has an interesting way of telling the story of humanity.
Well yes, the trilogy it's getting better!
Hope is an infectious thing.
Good fun kill fest.
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