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The Temple-Goers (2010)

by Aatish Taseer(Favorite Author)
2.78 of 5 Votes: 4
0670918504 (ISBN13: 9780670918508)
review 1: I wrote the review below and then had to change my rating because I described the book to my husband and afterwards he said "it sounds like a great book". And it's true, I just hadn't realised till then how much I'd enjoyed it.Like another reader, I also felt there were large parts of this book that were inaccessible to me, either because I did not understand Indian culture enough or because I was missing some significance of certain descriptions...on the other hand I felt like I got a little insight into Indian culture!I was also expecting something much more gripping in the second half of the book. However, I read to the end and definitely found it an intriguing read.
review 2: Loved the clear realistic writing. Can identify with much of what taseer feels whe
... moren confronted with some of the contradictions of India. The blurb made this sound like a murder mystery, which is why I wasn't very pleased when my wife picked it up for me knowing my fondness for indian writing. The book turns out to be much deeper than that, and the murder is just incidental to a larger story of caste and class differences in an India that's difficult to love or hate. less
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Very average read. Seems like a pointless rambling with very cliched characters and situations.
The story definitely shows one face of the magnanimous Delhi.
Fuck boys do fuck shit
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