PussyWillowFurryVenus & Creature: Legacy Sunderland Gig

When I first that PWFV were going to play the Legacy in Sunderland on November 10th back in end of September beginning of October, I was like OK, I am going. When they announced that Creature were going to be supporting them, I was OK, I have heard a some things about this and I have seen them play with other bands on the local gig circuit, but  I never had the chance to get to see them perform live.

When I got to the Legacy (as usual I was early), I got myself a drink, and was waiting for the bands to come in and set up, it wasn’t long that they did. I got on talking with the lead singers of PWFV and Mausoleums, and they were telling me about Creature that they are a alternative/grunge band, and they asked me if I have seen or heard their music before, and I said no, but I have seen them playing with other bands.


When Creature came on stage for their soundcheck, I thought OK, what you got? They played one of their songs for it, to get the right levels for their performance, and from what I have heard from the soundcheck, these guys were going to be good.

After about 5 minutes they came back up on stage to do their set proper. When they started,m the first few songs were good, and they were just warming up, but when they got into the third song I was like Damn!! these guys were good, I knew these guys were going to be good from the soundcheck, but I didn’t know how good.

When they got into the fourth song, they stepped it up their A game so much, my mind completely blown by them, I was like God Damn!! these guys are awesome. As the set wore on, they just got better and better with each song that they played. as I was watching the band, I noticed the drummer, he was really going for it and was have so much fun, that it spilled over to the other two band members and ten onto the crowd.

When it came to the end of their set, they announced that they were going to do a cover of a classic track, so I thought Alright, what you got? and when they started to play T-Rex’s 20th Century Boy, my mouth just dropped open and was blown away again, hearing 20th Century Boy being done in the grunge style, it was amazing to listen to it. When they finished, they crowd was cheering and they loved them.


Well, what can I say about this band that I haven’t said before in a post.

Everytime that I see PWFV, they never cease to amaze me with their passion and dedication to what they are doing. When they came up on stage and started their set, I was going to enjoy this, as I haven’t seen them perform live in a while, the last time I saw them live was in September when they played Oxjam at the Independent in Sunderland. As they started, there was a lot of people crowding around the front of the stage to watch them. When they got onto the second song, the open riff of it I knew instantly what it was and I had a big cheesy grin on my face, as it was Sticky Vicky.

Sticky Vicky was the very first track that I ever heard by PWFV back in January of 2016, and when they announced back then that they were playing Fitzgeralds in Sunderland in the February, I was in two minds in going to see them, but it was a good friend convinced me to go and see them, and I was so glad that I did go, as I had an amazing time and made some really good friends, and this is why, everytime I hear Sticky Vicky, I always have a huge grin on my face when I hear the play live and attempt to sing along to it.

As their went on, they played songs from their EP The Slag Who Fell To Earth, such In Doom, Black Dahlia, Hateful and Mighty Aphrodite. They also played Snake Head Bitch Tits, when I first this song and properly listened to it at the being of this year, I wasn’t to sure about it, but in the subsequent gigs since that they had the song in their set I have come to love the track and is a definite favourite now.

When it came to the last song of the night, I was screaming in my head NO, Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop!!! The song that they played was Wisdom Of The Slave, When I first heard this track when they introduced it back in the beginning of this year, I was instantly drawn to it, as it has some wicked tribal drumming from Slayer Dude (the drummer) and when I found where the song’s inspiration comes from, I was like Whoa!! it came from a line in a book, that’s so cool. When they started the song, the singer gave a shout to me saying, This last track is for you Ell.

As they finished Wisdom Of The Slave, a lot of people wanted more songs from them, myself included, but they already done 50 minute set and it was getting on for 11pm.

Well, last night (November, 10th), was one hell of a night, with a great performance from Creature, and perfection from PWFV.

If you are ever in the North East of England, and you are looking for a night out, you need to go and see these bands, as you need t put these bands on your bucket list of must see bands.

For more information on Creature and PussyWillowFurryVenus go to their Facebook pages and give them a like.

I would give Creature a 4.5 out of 5, they are a brilliant band and it is always good to see a young band with passion in what they do.

I would give PWFV as usual a 5 out of 5 totally amazing band, which they always brings their A game to any of their live gigs.

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