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Meet Me Under The Mistletoe (2012)

by Abby Clements(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 2
1780876629 (ISBN13: 9781780876627)
review 1: I enjoyed this book, it was like reading two stories. Laurie and Rachel are childhood friends but live completely different lives now one in the city of London and one in a tiny village in Yorkshire. Due to personal circumstances they decide to do a house swap for a couple of weeks. What happens next is how the ladies cope with their different environments and with their challenging circumstances. A little bit of Christmas magic is thrown in to.
review 2: This is the first book by Abby Clements and reading this I didn't think it was. Her writing is really good and this book is very thought out. It made me crave to have a big family one day to spend Christmas with and to do some baking during the festive time. At first I didn't warm to Laurie but as the book wen
... moret on I became to like her more. I liked her relationship with her Rachels daughter Milly. I look forward to reading more from Abby. less
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Clean, but I didn't care for the story. Not my favorite.
Good wee Christmas book enjoyed it
The story is boring.
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