Katie Piper Premium Highchair in Unicorns Review

So I recieved this, the other day, I ordered it on Thursday last week and it came Tuesday, which I think is very quick for Argos. so I guess that’s a plus. I couldn’t find any reviews on the chair which was a bit rubbish but I know the brand mybabiie is a really good brand and £69.99 I had high expectations.

I spent ages trying to see if I could find it for a cheaper price but there wasnt anywhere, so I ended up going with Argos. the description online stated that, its a “fun” highchair, which features 3 recline positions and 6 different Height settings. I was a bit unsure that I would be using the recline positions for because my daughter can sit up on her own, so thats one feature I don’t use, and I don’t really understand how a highchair can be fun, but there we go.

The highchair arrived in a large box, I took everything out of the box and started to assemble it, the instructions are not the most easiest to read, or understand and it took me about 10 mins to figure out what screws needed to go where. however when it was all put together it really did look like a statement peace, more like an ornament than a highchair.

So lets start with the things that I like about this highchair.
-The best thing about it I think is the removable tray and the plastic insert that sits on the tray. the ease of being able to take the insert out and washing it just makes my life so much easier, the fact the tray can be taken off as well helps with the ease of getting my daughter in and out without having to fight with her legs to get in the right place and search for the straps from underneath her, the tray also can hang on the back of the seat legs which is great for storage.

-the 5 point safety harness and padded seat adds comfort and ensures that my daughter is safe and cannot escape the chair like she did with the old one, you can adjust the straps to fit around your baby and also the height

– The 6 height adjustment feature of the chair at first was a bit unsure of, but actually is really handy, as she can sit out my level when I’m on the sofa, which actually is really good, and convenient.

– the operation of the chair in general, the easily placed  handles and leavers to operate the recline, the tray removal and height adjustments are really easy to use and work, and don’t take a great difficultly to work.
– I think we should also take a few minutes to appreciate the fact that its also PINK and has UNICORNS on it, I mean hello, you could ask for something more girly, I love it.
– its easy to pack away, and store it doesn’t take up much room. and the fact you can move the seat up and down, makes getting it into a corner when folded up so good !!

The things I dislike or could be better about the highchair.
– it seems really flimsy, and loose, I mean that could be the fact I had to out it together myself, or it could be the design, I don’t feel like my daughter is going to fall out but when she moves about out does move a rather a lot.
– the opening operation is rather difficult to work, its easy to close it up and pack it away however, opening it up is another sort of problem, I keep thinking its backwards but it can’t be, I have to pull the buttons up, and then kind of kick or push the feet open so that the highchair is actually standing up. which is kind of annoying.
– when I’m trying to move the highchair when its on the lowest start setting, the chair will move up almost like it hasn’t locked into place. again annoying but something I can live with.  – I also don’t understand the purpose or reason for the recline position, it states that it’s meant for 6months plus which means that they should be sitting up and when I have tried my daughter in the chair, she doesn’t like the recliner postion

Overall, the price of the highchair is overpriced, for something that is made by what I thought a good brand and is designed by katie piper, its very average, I think I would be more willing to pay something like £30 for this highchair, (I obviously didn’t) I love the colours and the design, I love the fact its really easy to understand and work, and the fact that it is compact and fits into awkward places is brilliant. but like I said I wouldn’t go out and spend all the money on anything like this again.
I will buy from them in the future however only if its in the sale 

until next time 

Holly xx

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