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Tangled Rose (2014)

by Abby Weeks(Favorite Author)
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Abby Weeks
The Darkness Trilogy
review 1: I was on facebook and one of the book blogs showed this book as a freebie. Underneath the link it did say it was dark and it was based on personal experiences. All that I kept thinking was I gotta read this. Does that make me a twisted person? Tangled Rose is a trilogy and from the blurbs that I read it gets intense. Abby gives you a sneak peak into what to expect with the next book and one I am looking forward to reading. On a side note, I just want to state for the record FatBoy is a disgusting PIG!!!
review 2: Rose Meadows is in a pickle. She has woken up tied to a bed and at the mercy of the Dark Rebels Motorcycle Club. Sadly she got there of her own volition as she decided to trust an old friend of her deceased father that she hadn't seen since she was 13,
... more and went hying off without anyone's knowledge to the middle of nowhere. Who would have thought that wouldn't end well?I don't know why amidst the atrocity of Rose's rape by the disgusting Fatfuck and the bullying by Serge promising her a bleak life stripping and whoring for the DRMC, I was fixating on mundane details like - how was Rose tied to a bed for 2 - 3 days without soiling herself? Is that possible? Was she dehydrated? And after being tied to a bed for 2 -3 days with her circulation cut off, how was she able to so casually get up when untied with a "I'll be OK, I just need a minute for the feeling to come back"? Really? That's all you need? A minute?I don't know exactly what it was, but there was something about the way the story was told that left me feeling disconnected. Instead of feeling a claustrophobic sense of horror - (which would have been appropriate taking the events of the story at face value) - I felt more a sense of distaste - like I was out for a walk in the woods and accidently stepped in a bit of decomposing something or other and needed to find something to scrap my shoe on.Rose's infatuation with the club prospect Patrice seemed - given the circumstances - bizzare. The final scene highlighting Rose's ultimate humiliation and degradation was a bit bizzare as well. Fatfuck had forced Rose to drink beer so she would soil herself (with molestation following)...and then they all made a huge deal out of it...like she was horribly disgusting and worthless...because she was forced to have a normal human bodily function...Nothing about the story pulled me in enough to continue with the series less
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very dark but it took me in right away. starting book 2. thank you
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3 1/2 stars
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