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The God Argument: The Case Against Religion And For Humanism (2013)

by A.C. Grayling(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
1408837412 (ISBN13: 9781408837412)
Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)
review 1: To explain why I decided to award this book 3 stars only, I have start by explaining why I decided to read it in the first place. I knew the author, A. C. Grayling, through another book of his that was explaining Wittgenstein's philosophy. Then I found this book, and I expected from its title and the author's background, that it will discuss the philosophical arguments about deity and religion. The book is divided into two equal parts. The first part touched those philosophical arguments I was looking for, but not as much as I expected. I will explain in more details in a moment. The second part of the book is about Humanism, which is a topic I am not interested in at the moment, maybe later on, and that's why I left the book in the middle. Now, back to the first half. Yet... more, it approached those arguments, they were always buried under the author's chit-chat and lots of his subjective opinions about religion and God. It would have been fine for me if it weren't by someone who is into Philosophy; the likes of Richard Dawkins et. al. for example. But here, I was expecting more in depth discussions for the logical and philosophical arguments. I expected more discussions for the different schools of thought, and their debates about the so called 'God arguments'. So for me, the book is okey, yet, I still have to search for better books by better authors about the same topic.
review 2: Clear arguments. Suitable for students who seek perspectives on controversial matters like Abortion and Euthanasia. Author have provided comprehensive examples and uses logic and reasoning to rebut against the typical responses that religious proponents would employ.Thought-provoking for some, but may not suit readers who are open to such sensitive issues that may shake their seemingly-firm beliefs. less
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A book about philosophy that's actually readable? I can barely believe it.
Clearest presentation of secular humanism that I have read.
A much more educated read than Dawkins' copy-paste drivel.
Looking forward to start reading this book! :)
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