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Thinking Of Answers: Questions In The Philosophy Of Everyday Life (2010)

by A.C. Grayling(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
0802719724 (ISBN13: 9780802719720)
Walker & Company
review 1: In "Thinking of Answers," AC Grayling covers a plethora of philosophical topics, most of which have relevance to just about everyone's lives. His writing is eloquent, his analysis rigorous, well-reasoned and logical, and his own positions well thought out and nuanced. I really enjoyed this book and found it engaging, although I think I would have preferred if it had covered fewer issues and spent more time on the rest.
review 2: I am nearly at the end of this book and it is absolutely brilliant. Anything by Grayling is a gift, here is a collection of short essays from his previous publications, and they touch any imaginable topic such as an importance of education, the phenomena of genius, the value of money and when to say the truth or to lie. He has 2 essays
... moreon Shakespeare in this book, one is Shakespeare as a thinker and another is a humanist and they make you want to read his plays again. In one book there is a chapter on robots and should we be afraid of them and the moral dilemma of using the stem-cells. He talks about the Shock Art and Renaissance Portrait, about science, medicine and religion. This book has to be read again, not in a hurry, less
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Good book if you're only hoping to be exposed to some very, very basic philosophic concepts.
Logical, most of his views on life and philosophy make perfect sense to me.
An enjoyable, if not profound, read.
Outstanding !!
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