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Duncan The Wonder Dog: Show One (2010)

by Adam Hines(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 2
0977030490 (ISBN13: 9780977030491)
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review 1: fucking beautiful. there are a lot of brilliant bits of this book and it's a phenomenal compendium of artwork. i particularly like the storylines where the main characters are animals (the ORAPOST adventure, the circus animals, and many other asides...). i found a couple of the storylines, including the one about the FBI, pretty inscrutable and boring. overall, i found the story to be a bit weak. the artwork has a stronger hand in creating a world than does the text--and it's unclear whether it is one world or an anthology of many. but that's okay. the mixed-media, collage, and detailed landscapes and general darkness fits with the overall ambiguity. i enjoyed reading it slowly and skipped chunks here and there. i definitely look forward to future works by h... moreines.
review 2: When I tasted a latte in Seattle, it spoiled all other lattes I'd ever have because I learned how the penultimate latte should taste. This book about life in a world shared with talking, intelligent animals may well do the same for me in terms of graphic novels. Its 400 pages packs in so much imagination, insight, characterization, intrigue and wonder, I can say I've now seen what it looks like when "sequential fiction" (funnybooks to you old folks) reaches its full potential. Still, at times it was a bit too much. There were pages filled with insane scrawl that I wanted to fully take in, but I was so overwhelmed I may have skipped some important bits hidden in all the detail. The upside of that is, it's a book that welcomes you back for multiple readings. I'm pretty sure this book is a work of pure genius, but I would like to see a bit more restraint in Adam Hines' next effort - just to see what such a thing would look like - before I make that decision. less
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Nice story although I bit too confusing for my liking.
apenas o melhor graphic novel que já li so far...
Absolutely breathtaking.
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