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Vengeance By The Foot (2012)

by Adam Light(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 4
Corpus Press
review 1: I was really looking forward to this but I was sorely disappointed. The characters were flat, the story was non-existent. I really didn't get the point of it. I guess the foot was mad? but nothing in the story leads you to believe that their is any reason for the foot to be vengeful. It needed something else to round it out. The writing was ok but the lack of motivation is what kicked this down to a one star. I just didn't get it. This is not like a Twilight Zone episode...
review 2: The main character Grant Stone it seems is an ordinary man who is quite taken with his lovely wife Lucy. But he obviously has a serious health problem he has chosen to ignore - until it is too late. This short story begins with the amputation of his "badly rotted left foot". I foun
... mored the premise quite interesting, unusual and different, but in a promising way. I was drawn into the story. My heart started to beat rapidly while reading. The characters are believable and I was able to see their lives from their point of view. Except the end - I did not like the end. I will be having nightmares about the end (I don't think my foot would do that lol). I think there is a lot of contempt in the end, but diabetes is a very serious and horrible disease, so maybe the author is right about getting the point across. less
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This is a delightfully demented short story. I enjoyed it.
Fun story of an amputated foot and how it gets revenge.
Be good to your feet.
Just... ew!
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