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Those Darn Squirrels! (2008)

by Adam Rubin(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 1
0547007035 (ISBN13: 9780547007038)
Clarion Books
review 1: Brief summary A group of squirrel seem to terrorize Old Man Fookwire who only want to enjoy the birds. He is pleasantly surprised by the kindness of squirrels.AnnotationThis is a funny book that lends itself well to a read aloud. It also has a great message of coming together for the good of others.Age appropriateness 4-8 year oldsConnection to six early literacy skills Print Motivation - Enjoyable story creates interest in reading. Narrative Skills - Good story arc and when Fookwire says "Those Darn Squirrels" over and over the kids love to raise their little fist like Fookwire.Five practices Reading - Varied vocabulary and descriptors make the text rich and varied.Opinion - This book is a fun read aloud that kids enjoy listening to and teachers enjoy rea... moreding.
review 2: I loved this darn book! This book is about an old man, Old Man Fookwire who loves to feed the birds in his backward. The only problem is that the squirrels also love the bird feeders. One morning Old Man Fookwire woke up to all of the bird feeders on the ground that the squirrels had knocked down. He was so mad so he put them back up but this time he hung them up even higher thinking the squirrels could not reach them. If you want to know what happens between the squirrels and Old Man Fookwire read the book! You will love the way it ends.One thing I especially loved about this book was how much personality each of the characters had, especially Old Man Fookwire and the squirrels. Throughout the book you really get to know Old Man Fookwire and appreciate him. I love how much creativity was put into the squirrels and the role they play in the story. less
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Love this book! Fun story. My kids at school loved it too!
Great googley-moogley, does Adam Rubin ever crack me up.
Great story time book!
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