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Secret Pizza Party (2013)

by Adam Rubin(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 1
0803739478 (ISBN13: 9780803739475)
review 1: Who doesn't go a little crazy for pizza once in a while? Not raccoon. This is a spirited, fun, story about a pizza loving and stealing raccoon who works with the narrator to get a pizza without being chased by a broom. After a narrow escape raccoon has a pizza, but can't exactly party while lying low. Then he joins a pizza party without anyone realizing... until he goes a little crazy for the pizza. The details in the illustrations help make the story fun. For example, the end pages show raccoon sneaking over rooftops, one of which is a pizza place,and when raccoon escapes the brooms we can tell he has been running hard. Eveyone at the pizza party has a mask so even though raccoon naturally has a mask he uses one to go undetected. The back cover has a wanted poster... more of the pizza thief. Pizza lovers and children will enjoy raccoons quest for pixxa.
review 2: There's something scattershot about this, which is too bad because the illustrations are a ton of fun, and the narrator's voice is inviting (warm and knowing -- like an older brother's boyfriend?). But who's throwing who a party? And do we want the raccoon to escape? Are we tricking him? Am I to laugh off the idea of robbing the pizza parlor? (I don't think I can!) I do love that the raccoon loves, and so strongly. less
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A hilarious, madcap search for pizza by an eager raccoon. Perfect for food-themed storytimes.
Because making something secret makes it waaaayyyyyy better. Excellent storytime book.
so much fun. pretty sure this will be a storytime hit!
One of my favorites. I love Adam Rubin's books.
Young kids would love this book.
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