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Whiskey Kisses (2014)

by Addison Moore(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 5
Smashwords Edition
3:AM Kisses
review 1: Oh Holt, you sexy, sexy boy I loved your mind, "what's this?" Her eyes brighten the exact shade of a sunny afternoon, and my co** is back to begging to be let out to play. Sorry, boy this is one girl who will most likely never roll out the red carpet for you. "Are you trying to crash my pity party?" I mean I loved that he wanted her things at his place, "I don't think I'd get tired of your girly things." He gives a grin that comes as quick as it goes. "In fact, I think a few 'personals' would brighten things up around here." He holds my gaze steady like a dare and a series of goose bumps trail up my arm." I loved how passionate Izzy was when it came to her man, "she rakes her fingernails over my bare chest until it feels as if she's about to draw blood. But I don't mind. I... more want it to hurt, to feel good, to do both at the very time." I love their times in the bedroom: I steady my knees to either side of her as I dive in for a kiss. My di** scrapes against her bare stomach and she cinches with a laugh. "Hello," she says, wrapping her fingers around it. "Nice to meet you, too." "He's dying to get to know you better." I can't wait for Annie's story these are characters you can't help but love and want to see do well.
review 2: Izzy and Holt are both hiding some serious secrets in this book that have changed their lives. Izzy was forced after her father and promised to take care of her mother to have to run off her rotten choices for boyfriends. Holt blames himself for his parents divorce and changes the course of his life over the guilt. Holt have loved Izzy from affair since he was 13 and decides to go for it with him. Izzy is reluctant to get involved with Holt due to her personal issues and their 5 year age difference. She is the "older" woman and does not like how she is treated by some of the college kids that see them together. Overall a good read and a great way to spend an afternoon. Will definitely read Annie's story. less
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This has been an amazing series. I love how all the characters are so close.
2.5*An okeyish read. Dragged in parts for me so I skipped a whole lot of it.
An awesome read. I loved it.
Yay Holt and Izzy's book!
DNF sorry :(
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