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The Wounded Heart (2011)

by Adina Senft(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 3
0892968540 (ISBN13: 9780892968541)
Amish Quilt
review 1: I don't give that many 5-star reviews, especially to books that are lighter reads, like my occasional Amish fiction book. This, however, was an outstanding book. The characterization was wonderful, both of the main character and the secondary characters, especially Amelia's two friends. They all really came to life and seemed like real three-dimensional people. The plot was interesting and unique with some plot twists, without being melodramatic and unbelievable like so many of the Amish fiction books these days. The romantic interest was well-drawn and compelling, but the focus of the book wasn't on him, but on all that was going on in Amelia's life in general.I greatly enjoyed this book and was held captive up to the very last page. I'm definitely going to check ou... moret the next book in this series.
review 2: This is a very enjoyable book. Amelia Beiler is dealing with many stressful things in her life, and I enjoyed reading how she tries to ascertain what God's will is through it all. I would have liked to know more about Eli, however. He ends up being important to the plot, but you feel like you don't know him as well. This does not feel like your "typical" amish story, as there are elements to the plot, like multiple sclerosis, which make it go in a little bit different direction. I want to read the future books in this series to hear Emma and Carrie's stories. I was thrilled to win this through the first-reads program, but was not required to write a positive review. less
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Amish ChristianAnother “good”, but not great Amish book. A new author for me.
Actually, I liked this book. And it was a nice insight into the Amish lifestyle.
Enjoyable read - great characters and true to life.
I like these books.
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