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Adonis: Selected Poems (2010)

by Adonis(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 2
0300153066 (ISBN13: 9780300153064)
Yale University Press
review 1: Странно, откривах по-скоро малки вирчета с прясна вода в стихотворенията,рядко някое стихотворение да ме въодушеви в цялостта си. Напомнят ми духа на една антология на турски поети, която четох преди време - гравитираща около морето меланхолия, малко затормозяващо ме усещане за отколешност, повече съзерцателност, по-малко необичайност. Като реене беше четенето, от една страна приказно, от друга обаче ме остави с особено усещ... moreне за безцелност. Може и английският превод да е отчасти причина, не знам, не знам... С една дума, харесах ги, но недотам, пък за мен това не се брои за харесване:)Ето някои "вирчета":I love the ocean not the shores.*My sadness wears night for its dress. It has nothing to wear during the day.*Wings but made of waxand the falling rain is not rain butships that sail our weeping.
review 2: Not going to lie- this was dense and tricky to get through. I often found myself reading the same lines over and over because I just couldn't seem to keep them in my head. All the same, I found myself copying out the poems that did leave an impression into various notebooks, so it wasn't an entirely wasted effort. Came away feeling slightly unhooked from myself so if I read with more concentration, who knows what might happen? It was something I had picked up on a whim, not knowing about his legacy or reputation and I would like to give him another try. Perhaps not while I'm sitting in a crowded bar... less
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Have a review coming out in The Kenyon Review, so can't comment yet, but will after it's published.
Really enjoying it thus far. This guy is an amazing poet.
'He walks the abyss, tall as the wind.'
One of the great poets of our time.
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