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Working Girl (2000)

by A.E. Woodward(Favorite Author)
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review 1: DNFed about halfway through.The book wasn't necessarily bad...I just didn't feel like reading it anymore. It bored me and annoyed me and I feel it's a bit ridiculous.Our main character...I don't even know what her name is and I literally just stopped reading it. But anyway, she's raised into a life of prostitution. Her mom is a prostitute and so is her best friend and she has no choice but to live the same life. So I'm thinking that this is going to be a good book. I mean a book about a 21-year old prostitute? I've never read a book like this, not that I've been dying to read about a hooker-- I just figured it was something new. Something original. And then I discovered our MC is a virgin. Really? She lives around a bunch of hookers and deals with them, yet she's a virgin ... moreand looks down on others and gives self proclaimed holier-than-thou speeches. Of course the main character has to be perfect and pure and a prude like MCs everywhere are. It would be nice to have a less than perfect main character for once. She looks down on her best friend for being a prostitute but simultaneously respects her for it. Doesn't make much sense, but classic, prude MC for ya.And the romance? Come on. The love interest Emerson said about two sentences to the MC and she was a bitch to him and ignored him constantly, but yet he wouldn't leave her alone. He wanted to figure her out, to be her friend, to get to know her, blah blah blah, blah blah. Typical love interest, falling in love with someone for no reason at all. And the MC continues ignoring him until Chrissy, her friend, encourages her to let him in. And of course, as soon as she does this, the romance just takes off. There's no build up, no sexual tension, no chemistry, no anything, they're together like that. And this is where I lost all interest of reading on. Because I don't like wasting my time. Granted, I may just be in a bad mood, but this book contributed to this a lot. No really. I just realized that I've been scowling the entire time I was reading as well as while I'm writing this. Now my forehead hurts. If that doesn't say something about this book, I don't know what does.
review 2: Can you imagine a more confusing, lonely and scary world than growing up in a brothel in Sin City (Las Vegas) itself? For Presley, that is exactly what her life as been like. Hindered by the thoughts of what her life may turn out to be, scared that she is destined to be trapped by the environment of her mother, Presley dreams and she dreams big. She wants to go to college. She wants a life outside the brothel. She does not want to become just another working girl.When Emerson comes into her life, trusting a man is understandably a very hard thing for Presley to do. Why does he just want her? What is the hidden motive? Emerson has the opportunity to get any girl he wants. Between looks and money, Emerson is the total package. But his own past allows him to see Presley in a way no one else has.A.E. does an amazing job of telling Emerson and Presley's story as they enter the age old battle of past, present and future. There are times for your tears, heartbreaking for sure, but there are so many funny parts and just really beautiful parts too. Crissy is an amazing best friend and a great supporting character in the story. She is an example of why everyone deserves that kind of best friend. Check out "Working Girl" by A.E. Woodward. This is my first book by her but I can promise you it definitely won't be the last. less
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Wow.....I enjoyed this from start to finish,
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