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Take This Regret (2012)

by A.L. Jackson(Favorite Author)
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Sapphire Star Publishing
Take This Regret
review 1: I really enjoy reading books that have cute kids in the story line. There was many times throughout this book that made me smile and I really enjoyed Lizzie and Christian’s interactions (It was just adorable). This was a second chance book that followed Elizabeth and Christian’s story. I thought it was written beautifully and it felt real. I didn’t feel like anything was rushed. The story progressed at a great pace and I that was a plus. Great book that had me smiling many times throughout.
review 2: This book had my heart hurting, my eyes watery and left me utterly exhausted. And I loved every minute of it! I could not put the book down. I gave up sleep to read it all in one sitting. I just had to know how it ended. The beginning just about wrecked me. W
... moreho starts a book like that! How I wanted to hate Christian, but it was just thrown out there and then we see him through the years and well, you just can't help but feel for him. Yes, his choices hurt so many, changed the course of lives and devastated him in the end, but the force he came back with just opened your heart to him. Elizabeth broke my heart. Her heartbreak, her refusal to open herself again and her love for Lizzie tore your heart out. Even as you wanted the HEA, you knew she was scared, still hurting and afraid to open her heart and in the end, had to find her own way. This is not an easy story, it is one full of heartbreak, heartache, and loss, but it is also a story of love, redemption and finding yourself and who you can be.I would recommend this book. It is full of feels! I am off to get lost in Lost In You now and spend more time with Christian and Elizabeth. Happy reading! less
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LOVE. This was such a GOOD READ!!!
This book was a great read!
omggggg :'( so sad.
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