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Das Blaue Buch (2000)

by A.L. Kennedy(Favorite Author)
2.84 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: A 4.5. A very unusual love story, with the focus on loss, grief, and guilt. One could read this novel just for the author’s odd phrasings, for the pseudo-self-help-book chapters here and there, for the inside scoop on magic (and what isn’t magic) and the ethics of manipulation. But what made the book for me was the way Kennedy’s mind works. Even her twists are like no one else’s. It’s hard after the last one not to start reading the book again. I moved on, but it is a book I will keep and read again.
review 2: The emotions are certainly vivid to say the least. It's kind of an odd novel in that the author leans very heavily on the fourth wall, or reaches out to slap you and tell you that your book cares about you, which is odd, but this book is about b
... moreroken people using really advanced manipulation techniques on each other. The book also does some weird stuff to make you dislike one particular character, who's kind of annoying, gets seasick, and when he recovers, the world turns against him and he comes out looking really badly. To me, it struck me as unfair to the character and unfair to the reader. I think I'll go for more detached narratives next. less
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Beautifully written, intriguing and in the end terrible moving story.
fascinating, suspenseful, quirky - much like all of her work.
I really had a hard time with the style, it was distracting.
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