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Blue Book, The (2011)

by A.L. Kennedy(Favorite Author)
2.84 of 5 Votes: 1
1469282763 (ISBN13: 9781469282763)
Brilliance Audio
review 1: Hideous. I kept abandoning it to read books I knew I liked instead. And I don't quite know why- it wasn't a difficult read, I thought after the first chapter or two I was going to like it but NO. I think the biggest problem was that the characters were horrible- I found it impossible to care about any of them. The writing was too self-conscious and too clever-for-the-sake-of-it (which did suit the narrator but certainly did nothing to improve the book). Wish I'd given up on it a very short way in instead of spending weeks forcing myself to return to it.
review 2: This is a book, to quote from the book, about beautiful and dreadful things. It's an ambitious book where A.L. Kennedy takes a number of risky gambles, largely with the direct address "you"; with strea
... morem-of-consciousness; and with withholding pivotal information from the reader until the end. The kind of book that invites extreme responses. Some will throw the book across the room. Some, after finishing, will hold the book close to their chest. I did the latter. Review forthcoming at HTMLGiant. less
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Unfinished. Found it confusing and unengaging
did not, at all, like the writing style
Amazing. Affecting. Heartbreaking.
Couldn't finish it...
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