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Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion (2010)

by Alan Goldsher(Favorite Author)
3.21 of 5 Votes: 4
1439177929 (ISBN13: 9781439177921)
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review 1: "Paul is Undead" by Alan Goldsher is a interesting twist on the tale of the famous band The Beetles. The author sets up an alternate reality in which zombie, vampires and other creatures are real. He writes the book as if he was a journalist interviewing the different Beetles and others who were around the events that took place during their steak. At times there would also be short narrative exports talking about what happened in general and what this journalist had to do in order to talk to certain people. This gives you all of the different perceptions of the people who were there, some are the same while others are different. This was an interesting way of writing that I really enjoyed. I have only read one other book that has been written this way and that was "Into t... morehe Wild" by Jon Krakauer. Another thing that I enjoyed about this book was the humor used. It helped keep me from just putting down the book and walking away. There was a lot of off-color humor. This was one of the most used types in my opinion. I decided to give this book a four out of five because although it kept me interested throughout the duration of the story and I highly enjoyed the writing style, there was just to many random events, and way more crude humor than there needed.
review 2: I read this yesterday, but actually fell asleep immediately after it finished. Maybe because it was an audio book, a type I haven't listened to since the awesome [Book: Fly, Cherokee, Fly]or maybe it was the tone of the reader's voice(s), but I literally could not stop myself falling asleep through this several times. All in all I had to rewind a lot and it took me much longer than the seven hours to finish than the original purported length of the CD.I can see it was intended to be witty, and the story of Paul wanting consent at the start to eat someone's brain was actually heartwarming, but I simply could not enjoy it, and just ended up hating myself for reading a book about the Beatles (who I don't mind, but am not really crazy about) just for points for a Team Challenge. It's upsetting too because this was the last book for the challenge, and I did want it to be a nice one. Never Mind!!1/5 for me but I would definitely recommend for Beatles/Zombie/Liverpool fans and if you can help it, DONT get the audio book. Get a paperback/hardback. less
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Couldn't get into it. Guess I'm more of a fan of the music than the lads from Liverpool themselves.
Read this when researching zombie books. Even got a ways into it, but just did not like it.
Bought on an Audible sale because Simon Vance is supposed to be AAAWEEEEESome. And he IS.
Just started and so far I'm enjoying this audiobook. Hilarious!!
This book was hilarious and disgusting. So much fun.
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