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Supposing (1973)

by Alastair Reid(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 2
1590173694 (ISBN13: 9781590173695)
NYR Children's Collection
review 1: Originally written in 1960, with new illustrations. A child imagines various situations from "Supposing...I collected old hair from a barber shop and sent it in parcels to people I didn't like..." to "Supposing...I had a twin brother but we never told anyone and only went to school half the time each..." Though this is catalogued as a picture book it's really for older kids who can ponder the imaginative situations and probably come up with ones of their own. Several of the "supposings" would make wonderful first sentences to a short story, such as the final one: "Supposing...I read a book about how to change myself into animals and said a spell and changed myself into a cat and when I climbed on the book to change myself back I found I couldn't rea... mored..."
review 2: Very cute. Thoughts we've all had, along the lines of A Christmas Story's Ralphie daydreaming about coming home blind because of soap poisoning. It would serve those parents right. My favorite was the boy wondering what if he read a spell that turned him into a cat, but then as a cat, he couldn't read the spell to turn him back? (That's where the cover picture comes from) These would actually work really well as short story prompts for kids, too. less
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Kind of creepy and kind of weird, but oddly appealing.
It is pretty strange, but I liked it.
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