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Les Faucheurs Sont Les Anges (2012)

by Alden Bell(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 5
2352945593 (ISBN13: 9782352945598)
review 1: Maybe nearer a 4 star. Through circumstances I ended up listening to this in disjointed chunks which probably distracted from the experience.There were things I really liked about it though. It was not your common or garden zombie apocalypse fare with zombies bad - humans good, or even humans 'backs against the wall' - more a challenging lifestyle where the canny survived.The heroine - Temple was a wonderful character, neither beautiful and charismatic or kickass (though there is some of that). She is capable and thoughtful and very pragmatic. To a certain extent the 'baddy' (though he isn't really) is a similar character. Their unifying characteristic was to be comfortable in the world they inhabit and able to accept the good and the bad of it.In that respect it remi... morended me somewhat of the Girl with all the Gifts which was another book that advocated living in the now - however bad - rather than trying to regain the world of some idealised past.
review 2: I didn't care for the writing style of this book - it was too artsy for me. The lack of quotation marks especially was really annoying. I was also annoyed at the lack of thought about what the world would actually be like 25 years after the collapse of society really annoying. I know that modern snack foods have extraordinarily long shelf lives, but 25 years is pushing it way too far. The main character was all right, but the writing style just wasn't able to hold my interest - it made everything into kind of dream state - she was floating through the world but not part of it. And if she's not really a part of it, why should I care about it? less
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Can't quiet understand this book.... Completely different, yet completely strange.
I loved this book so much I want to hug it.
Was such a great book!!!
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