Tween Book Review: The Loser’s Club by Andrew Clements

Hey all, it’s Sarah!

I remember reading Frindle in the fifth grade. At that point I wrote it off as a silly boy book…give me a break, I was ten! As I grew up, Clements continued to put out book after book after book. The children at my library were devouring his novels and having a great time with them. When I saw The Loser’s Club at my library’s Book Buzz event for librarians, I grabbed the ARC with the thought of passing it along to a Clement fan…but not before seeing what all of the fuss was about! I am so glad I read this book and look forward to going back to his previous novels and spending some time with them.


Alec cannot stop reading. He reads before school, after school, during school, instead of homework, every single second he can. On the first day of school, the teacher’s are wise to his reading habits and have decided that if he doesn’t pay attention in class, he will be spending next summer in school. Alec certainly doesn’t want that, so he plans to shape up during school and read to his heart’s content after school. However, he is now enrolled in an after school program that requires he participate in an activity, club, or do his homework. Alec is not aloud to just read for pleasure. To overcome the system, Alec creates the Loser’s Club, which gives him the opportunity to follow the rules and read. Alec needs to find a way to continue to balance his reading habits with his school work and (growing) club.


Clements had me at booklist. This novel appeals to bookish people and anyone who can be inspired. The Loser’s Club challenges bullying, while creating space for people of all backgrounds with all interests. I love a book about a grassroots movement. I can’t wait to pass this book along.