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How To Talk To Dads (2009)

by Alec Greven(Favorite Author)
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0061729302 (ISBN13: 9780061729300)
review 1: I picked this little book up at Bog Lots because the title was irresistible, I read the first page and bought it for my son and his boys, then came home and read it and fell in love. THEN I noticed the author! He's a ten-year boy - and has other books, has done the TV circuit, and he looks adorable. Anyway here's what I read in the store that made me bring it home:Intorductionthis book has everything you need to know about the gib guy in your ife - Dad.There are all kinds of dads. Maybe yours lets you get away with everything. Maybe he's tough - tougher than Mom? Maybe he talks a lot about goals for your future.That's as far as I got before I bought the book. And I'm glad I did. If you have small children in your life you will appreciate this book too, that's my story and ... moreI'm sticking to it.
review 2: Most children know that mom and dad play different roles in the family and in a kid's life. That is why ten-year-old Greven is providing readers with his latest work, How to Talk to Dads, as a companion to the previously released title about communicating with mothers. In his new guide, Greven introduces "The Two Sides of Dad," which explains why a dad can be even trickier than a mom. On one hand, dad can be easygoing and laid back. However, if he is crossed, watch out for the dark side! Greven explains that dads hate whining and expect good behavior. One important tip Greven offers is to remember is that if mom is happy, then so is dad. How to Talk to Dads is a quick, fun read for sons and daughters of all ages. Greven's quaint observations remind readers of many reasons that dads are so lovable. less
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Very funny - I still can't believe this is written by a nine-year old. My boys loved it too.
Adorable and in many ways profound. A 9-year old gets this???
A pre-teen wrote this for kids.... His mom one was better
great adivce
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