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How To Talk To Moms (2009)

by Alec Greven(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 5
0061710016 (ISBN13: 9780061710018)
review 1: My son and I agree to everything in this bookand we did not know that moms and childrens are the same everywherethis book offers excellent advices and solutions and it's actually fun to readMy son's fav. "Moms love you no matter what"My fav. "Moms like nice notes...Moms like clean kids...A good way to surprise your mom and make her happy is to clean up around the house"how true...nothing makes me happy like when they clean their room or the family room and call me to see it...I may not be able to show how happy I am, but it's the best gift...better than flowers and chocolate :)
review 2: The ten-year old Casanova who taught readers all they needed to know about girls has more wisdom to share. This time his subject is that older woman in a boy's life--his mom. A
... morelthough the title is How to Talk to Moms, there are fewer specific conversation points in this piece than Greven's first. It is also more generic and less wittily original. Nonetheless, there are still a few valuable techniques, such as learning how to avoid "the backfire" when trying to get out of chores. This book works well as a mother-son read along or as a novelty gift for mom. She will especially love the final chapter, "Why I Love My Mom," which praises moms for their unconditional love and devotion. less
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Cute book written by a nine year old on understanding your mom.
Cute and insightful! (Especially coming from a 9-year old.)
A very cute book.From a 10 years old boy. I say: fantastic!
Here's hoping my kids will read this book!
so true!
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