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Love And Obstacles (2008)

by Aleksandar Hemon(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
1594488649 (ISBN13: 9781594488641)
Riverhead Hardcover
review 1: This was my first experience reading anything by Hemon, and it was powerful. He is a masterful writer, a gripping storyteller. The experience left me a little dazed and a lot humbled at the prospect of writing anything. His last story about his own experience meeting a prize-winning writer left me feeling hopeful rather than wistful. If you don't read "Love and Obstacles" in its entirety (the first story is particularly rough), at least read "American Commando." It is classic.
review 2: “Love and Obstacles” is one odd duck of a book. But I couldn’t put it down. Aleksandar Hemon lives and writes in Chicago, but is originally from Bosnia. My favorite in this collection is “Good Living” about his hilarious quirky travails selling magazine subscriptions i
... moren Chicago suburbs: “I shamelessly exploited any smidgen of pity I could detect in lonely housewives and grumpy retirees whose doors I knocked at.” less
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A short, pithy criticism: This dude needs to try a little harder.
Sta ima? The best Bosnian short stories, ever.
A gifted writer.
3.5 stars
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