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False Colors (2009)

by Alex Beecroft(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 4
0762436581 (ISBN13: 9780762436583)
Running Press
review 1: Fun, but liked the idea of it more than the reality. Equivalent to maybe a 70th percentile quality slash fic. Enjoyably indulgent, with plenty of solidly detailed Age of Sail window dressing, but not hugely psychologically convincing, nor satisfying as a well-turned novel. I am the last person to be the fun police when reading romance/erotica, but I think too many things happen for gratuitous/fetishistic reasons even by my tastes - e.g. I really don't think you can play the card of a character being horrifically tortured by ethnic infidels and then tenderly nursed back to health by his love interest twice in the same book.
review 2: I liked it a lot. It was exactly what it said it was - and akin to Patrick O'Brian. I think the details on the boats,sailing etc a
... morend the illegality of homosexuality were first rate. The feeling of fear, the reluctance to show emotions, the inability to understand the attraction was well done. I loved the way the title fit so well in more than one way! I felt I'd like to have known more about Alfie and John as people - more about home life, background, childhood etc I also felt that the miscommunication bit was a little over the top but yet I can see how easily it could happen. I think what made it a four star rather than a five for me was the parallel brutality. I'm not squeamish - I actually like a bit of torture in fiction, (cough) but it was as though - well it happened to Alfie - so it has to happen to John. It didn't seem needed. This isn't going to suit readers who want lots of MM sex but for a detailed character study and historical look at what it was like to be gay in the navy at that time, it was very well done. less
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Amusing gay historical romance novel. Who knew homosexuality was so common in the 1700s?
This is one of the best gay romances I've ever read. I couldn't put the book down!
Very disappointed with this book, Excellent Idea but very badly written
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