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The Healing Code: 6 Minutes To Heal The Source Of Your Health, Success, Or Relationship Issue (2005)

by Alexander Loyd(Favorite Author)
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1455502014 (ISBN13: 9781455502011)
Grand Central Life & Style
review 1: I borrowed this book from a friend because I saw it on her shelf and was curious, so when she saw me reading the back, she told me to take it home and read it if I wanted. This book was PAINFULLY SLOW. Good Lord. So much repetition, so many words that just did not need to be there. It would have benefited greatly from a good editor, because there was SO MUCH TEXT that could have been removed without detracting from the message or reducing the information the authors sought to give - at all. Lord, was it slow. There were so many times that I skipped (skimmed, because I can rarely bring myself to skip pages in a book, no matter how plodding) pages because I had literally read that same concept three times before, earlier in the book. Good God. At several points, it was hones... moretly a chore to read this book. I considered stopping and just calling it a day. God.However, that 10 second stress reducer thing that the authors talked about was pretty cool, and it's a technique I've used before, so I'm going to start using it again. (It's ten seconds of power breathing, which we used to do during hot yoga.)Also, this book is very God-focused, and to a lesser extent, Christ-focused. So if you don't believe in God, just be aware that if you read this, God forms a foundation of their wellness methodology. I found it telling that the authors discussed several religions in this book in addition to Christianity as well as several religious leaders in addition to Christ, but never once mentioned Islam or Muhammad. I side-eyed that. In general, ...eh.
review 2: The essence of the message of this book is this:1. Our lives, our culture, are saturated with stressful situations.2. High levels of stress affect our moods.3. Levels of stress can reach a point where the immune systems of our bodies are compromised.4. Long periods of situational stress lead to physiological stress, which causes illness and disease.5. To heal the symptoms your body is exhibiting, you have to heal the stress.6. To heal the stress, you have to heal your memories.The authors share a technique meant to heal the negative memories, or the "tapes" or negative messages being sent by our subconscious minds. We may not even know they are playing. And let me tell you, I've tried the technique, and it works. This book has given me another great tool for healing. less
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Very interesting book. I am now in the process of trying The Healing Code.
I'm still in the process of listening to the audio book
easy read. I am trying the code ...
A definite read! A must!
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