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Washington's Spies: The Story Of America's First Spy Ring (2014)

by Alexander Rose(Favorite Author)
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055339259X (ISBN13: 9780553392593)
review 1: Maybe it's writing style but not as quick or as enjoyable of a read as the works of David McCullough, Joseph Ellis, David Hackett Fischer, Kevin Phillips or Nathaniel Philbrick. None the less it adds another layer of historical facts to an understanding of the dynamics in and around New York during the American Revolution. With ancestors both Loyalist and Rebels, Washington's Spies was worth the time and effort.
review 2: Wow, and Wow, and Wow! Should be required reading for those on Long Island. What a thrill to read about Setauket, Oyster Bay, Mastic, The Tallmadge Trail (and Manhattan) and know that these are areas of Washington's major spy ring-The Culper Ring!Reading this, along with watching the AMC production of Turn, is highly recommended. I found it fa
... morescinating to read about our first spy ring and how brave our early patriots were. Also amazed at how lucky our guys were to have survived and maintained their anonymity through the duration of the war, and some maintained it for several years after!What I loved about this book is the easy, narrative way this author told the story. He used a lot of facts and sites his work throughout, but it's never stiff. What a joy to read non-fiction that pulls you in and makes you want to read more. Enjoy! less
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book! Interesting part of the Revolutionary War not often talked about.
Only in a few pages, but if u have any interest in how our country started.......read
Very interesting but at times hard to follow ....as a spy operation would be.
thorough, but not so gripping.
Loved it
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