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Talon/Xavier (2013)

by Alexandra Ivy(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 1
Laura Wright
review 1: #5 Talon & IsiThe ongoing mystery unfolds further. We find out that Isi & Ashe are twins and their father was a Shayman. We also find out that the Pantera's enemies are trying to find him.Just having Isi in the Wildlands helps Ashe control the strange illness afflicting her pregnancy. Problem is, being in the Wildlands makes Isi physically sick/nauseous. The only thing that settles her is Talon. He is at first distrustful of her but he quickly is attracted.The couple are both likable but this story is more about advancing the plot than the romance, though the little bit of romance is sweet.#6 Xavier & AmalieXavier is a Geek Pantera. He also desires his best friend's sister, but she's special, the last Pantera cub to be born in the last 50 years. She's been in love wi... moreth Xavier for years but she thinks he doesn't want her.While I liked this story and the furthering of the storyline, I was frustrated by this couples "issues". Since there haven't been any Pantera born in 50 years and Amalie was the last that would make her 50 but she is so immature. Also, considering the Pantera are highly sexed and open about sexuality, I find it hard to believe she'd be a virgin, especially since she's a hunter. And Xavier's constant fighting his feelings got old fast. So, not my favorite couple but I liked the story.
review 2: What can I say that hasn't already been said by other reviewers. This is such a fun series to read. Great characters, great chemistry between the main characters, great writing, and a wonderfully imaginative side story concerning the threats facing the Pantera. What is especially impressive is that both authors accomplish so much in terms of character development and overall plot advancement within the shorter novella length. After each novella, I decide that the male in that story is my favourite, and then I read the next story and my favourite changes. So, at the moment, it's a close tie between Talon and Xavier, although I really liked Isi, so Talon may have the edge. Needless to say, I enjoy this series so much that I've already purchased the next two novellas - good thing, given the cliff hanger at the end of Xavier's story. less
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Great stories again. I felt Talon was a rushed for such a short story and Xavier's story to slow.
need more than 5 stars for this one!I love this series!
good series
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