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Presently Perfect (2000)

by Alison G. Bailey(Favorite Author)
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review 1: **4.5 Stars**I first met Tweet and Noah in Present Perfect a little over a year ago and their story has stuck with me. It's a story that cut deep...angsty, emotional, intense, it really brought the feels. Presently Perfect is Tweet and Noah's story from Noah's POV. And in many ways, I loved it even more that Tweet's version.Noah and Tweet have been in each others' lives since birth. But they've been stuck together in a profound way since Halloween when they were 6 years old, when Noah shared his candy with Tweet after she'd dropped her lollipop. Presently Perfect chronicles Noah and Tweet's relationship once Noah begins to look at Tweet as a girl rather than just his childhood friend.I think the reason I found this story equally compelling, and in ways more enjoyable, was ... morebeing in Noah's head. Noah's version of things - from a male's POV - cuts down on the angst for certain. And getting an understanding of the depth of feeling he has for Tweet helped me understand why he never gave up hope - never gave up on her. I also liked getting to see that Tweet's perception of certain events weren't always accurate. There was one scene in particular that I'd always puzzled over and getting it from Noah's POV made everything clear. Having their story told from Noah's vantage also increased my esteem for him. Not only did he never give up on Tweet, followed all her rules and abided by her wishes, but he stood by her thought very challenging times, when most guys his age would have bailed.I thoroughly enjoyed the extra bits Ms. Bailey added to the end of the story as well. I've not read many stories told from alternate POVs but this one was different enough to have me riveted. I liked learning all Noah's secrets and seeing events from his perspective. Ms. Bailey has created yet another fine read. Her voice is strong and her writing smooth. She's an author I know I'll read again and again.
review 2: Presently Perfect - Alison G Bailey5 starsOkay so I absolutely loved Present Perfect and Past Imperfect. I anxiously awaited Presently Perfect which is Noah's POV from Present Perfect and beyond. Ms. Bailey takes Tweet's emotional story and sheds Noah's bright light on it. Granted I didn't cry as ugly this time but I did cry, nonetheless. I still hurt and felt all that pain again. Noah is as in love with Tweet as she was with him. He just could never get through to her. We get to see his frustration and what he experienced while she was going through everything. He see and feel his pain during the difficult times and we get to see him trying to carry on while trying to put space in between them. I loved reliving some of the aweome scenes from Present Perfect. The first kiss, the dining room experience, and, of course, all the chocolate cake. I adored reading those from Noah's POV. He's even better in this book than the first; if that's even possible. The Epilogue is my absolute most favorite part of the book. It ties in all the stories and characters and is a wonderful ending to a fantastic trilogy. Reviewed for Stories and Swag! less
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There's always another side of a story! And Noah had one! Full review during blog tour.
Every girl needs a Noah Stewart in their life, he is just perfect❤️
4.5 stars. Noah, such a sweetheart.
God I love Noah and Tweet!!!
Full review to come...
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