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A Cold Season (2012)

by Alison Littlewood(Favorite Author)
2.89 of 5 Votes: 4
178087135X (ISBN13: 9781780871356)
Jo Fletcher
review 1: This book was okay but I knew where it was leading from the get go. Main character is surrounded by villagers who all act oddly toward her and her son begins to act strangely as well. She hears scratching noises in her new apartment building and goes to investigate but discovers she is the only tenant and there's an unfinished apartment just below her...this book reminds me of Rosemary's Baby. I would consider reading another of her books though.
review 2: Now I'm going to say this as gently as possible. For this being Ms. Littlewood's first novel it shows. The book was not badly written or dull. There was just an absence of surprise. Everything that happened was very obvious and you could see coming from miles away. It wasn't necessarily a bad read but just
... more not my kind of read. This book would have gotten a higher rating from me if it didn't end so ridiculously. I mean COME ON. Like now you're just being silly here. less
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A little like Rosemary's Baby, featuring an entire English village. Would make a decent movie.
creepy ... but with a tell tale ending .. saw it comin from a mile away
A good beginning but the end was a bit odd and pointless
ok ish but not my kind of book really
A must read! :)
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