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The Desperate Wife's Survival Plan (2013)

by Alison Sherlock(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 3
0099562375 (ISBN13: 9780099562375)
review 1: The Desperate Wife's Survival Plan follows spoiled rich Charlotte Summers or Charly to her friends on her journey from riches to rags.Accompanying her on this journey is her ex next door neighbour and friend Julie, who is single, lonely, and is taken advantage of by her son. Old school friend Caroline, who is trying her very best to be mother of the year to daughter Flora, and lastly Samantha, a stuck up, whining, man eater. Binding them all together is Charly's homemade ice-creams on their scheduled meeting nights at their homes each fortnight.I absolutely loved this book, from the very start it reads like a dream, flows perfectly and has you stuck to the pages. It's full of love, friendship and drama. A tale of life and how to deal with it when the going gets tough. It c... moreovers most financial strains in everyone's worlds and also covers some areas that need addressing more in people's lives not just financially either, medical wise, family wise, relationship wise, friendship wise. It really does have you eating out of its hands. Well, it also has you eating ice-cream too like, but that is never ever a bad thing is it? The combination of characters are also balanced brilliantly allowing you to feel for each individual case surrounding them, we'll almost all Samantha I couldn't bare. She's a selfish cow. Anyway, they're brilliantly balanced and well documented even the back characters like Auntie Peggy and Charly's nan, she is utterly hysterical. I honestly could write a million words about this book but I won't, I'll leave it here, but urge you to pick up a copy. If your a chick lit, romance lover it's seriously one for you. Full of charm, love, friendship and ice-cream. 5/5*
review 2: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.And I must admit that I have loved every single word of this book. But first of all please let me tell how much I LOVED its cover. I know that I am too old for those things but I'm just a sucker for such covers. It's so sweet and optimistic and I wanted to look at it all the time. Don't know what is the dog doing there because Charley didn't have one and Boris was golden retriever but nevertheless please just let me stroke the cover once again:)The characters in this book are so nice that I loved all of them from the very beginning. Almost all of them as I had a feeling that Samantha doesn't suit the company of her friends. She didn't bring anything to the book and the action itself, the few moments that we read about her could be spared I think and her plot ends very suddenly. And I didn't feel sorry for her at all, she's got what she wanted. But the rest of the girls and Charley's family, and Mike, they were all brilliant. The friendship between the women is perfect (not talking about Samantha), they can count on each other and they know that "one for all, all for one". It was a pleasure to read about Charley developing and fighting her way. If I were her I guess I would just went to bed and waited for the end of the world. She took all the matters in her hands and fought for herself. She has weaker moments and oh my God, who doesn't have them, especially in such situation, but she always embraces herself and starts again.The writing is super easy to follow, it just flows. It's funny and fresh and totally heart - warming. The chapters are short and sharp, like I like best. Although the book was funny and positive I have found it in some aspects sad. The struggle to keep yourself over the water is not nice too see but it happens in everyday life as well and not all people has such luck as Charley. But one must be brave and take some risk - and this is what this book is about. Each of the girl in this book has her issues and problems and they are not the easiest one, what with Juliet and her son or Caroline who is a control - freak. I was happy in the end when she allowed Flora to be a child only.Well, actually I can just praise this book and say how much I loved it over and over again. This book has this "something" that I am looking for in a book, it's sweet, it's funny, it's bitter, it's optimistic. It has it all. I fell for the characters in it, wanted to be a part of their lives, hoped everything will be okay for them. Maybe the action doesn't have many twists or turns but this what we get is enough for this book, the pace is all right, there are no boring moments and I just wanted to turn the page and see what's going to happen. I would really recommend this book, it's worth its reading time. Absolutely:) less
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Absolutely charming novel of finding your own feet and a strong tale of friendship. Loved it!
Great story of friendship and keeping your chin up when the going gets tough!
Loved this great chicklit book, quite predictable but loved it :)
Very enjoyable. Well worth reading.
Great chick lit read.
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