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Destined To Last (2010)

by Alissa Johnson(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 3
0843962526 (ISBN13: 9780843962529)
Leisure Books
review 1: This was a nice ending to this series and I really enjoyed the story of Kate and Hunter. Kate was a perfect character and I really adored her clumsiness. Hunter was at the beginning so far removed from his feelings, that it was hard not to find him a little bit unpleasant. but I really laughed a lot about his many plans and in the end I really liked him a lot as hero. He grew on you during the story and his inability to see that he fell in love with Kate was sweet.the adventure story was in this book - as in the two previous books - real, although it doesn't seem to matter so much for the main charactersthe absolute positive point in this book was that it was really funny and the story was very well paced.the minus point in this story was that for me the secondary characte... morers were not really well written: we know them from so many stories already and then they act so differently than in their own stories. If you use the same setting as an author you should try to write them like they were in their books. I was so disappointed in Whit and Mirabelle - the first time we heared in this book about their child was in the last then 10 pages and there was not one real interaction between these two. it seemed a little bit liked a forced marriage or a marriage of convenience.Overall: I really loved this series and it was fun to read about these characters. I loved each character in his/her book and will try to read more of this author.
review 2: I loved this book. I found the characters to be compelling and interesting and I thought the story itself was quite good. I guess I could relate to Lady Kate in that I'm an impossible klutz myself and to think that Hunter thought that it was an endearing characteristic made my heart go pitter-patter. I don't know that my husband thinks that my clumsiness is exactly endearing but it often a joke around my house. I don't mind. But Hunter never laughed at Kate or her dreams. He never made her feel bad or ashamed of the way she was or that she had dreams that were pretty well out of reach for a woman of that time. He actually listened to her and explained things to her that a woman might not know back then. He never told her she couldn't do something. He was her prince. He cleaned up her messes and encouraged her to go on.The other characters in the book were also compelling. I never knew for sure who was good or bad or just annoying until it got close to the end. I like that in a book.Even though I didn't read any of the series before this book, I didn't have any problem slipping right into the story. I hope to read the rest of the series sometime. less
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3.5 A consistent author: great dialogue, more emphasis on the heroine than the hero, not much plot
3.5 stars.Well written with a good deal of witty banter. An enjoyable read
4 thumbs...
3.5 stars
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