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An Unexpected Gentleman (2011)

by Alissa Johnson(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 2
0425244911 (ISBN13: 9780425244913)
Haverston Family
review 1: It was pretty good, but the good parts had already happened before she even entered the heroes life. Press-gangs, counterfeiting in Boston, becoming wealthy as a lord, and getting arrested for a Highwayman and tossed into jail. All that happened before the hero meets his girl, it's not as exciting after he meets her. I liked the kids but they lacked personality, except for the little one but his personality was that of a toddler and they have personality to burn. The debtors prison angle was new and different, but the whole villain confrontation was so trite it was completely expected. So original but not enough so that I loved it.
review 2: Loved Connor! Adelaide was OK but nearly broached that irritating whiny heroine status a few times. I was expecting the
... more plot to turn dismal at every turn, but was pleasantly surprised that the author did not succumb to such measures. Eg. When Adelaide's brother threatens to take his son away unless she procured 4k pounds for his debt...I inwardly groaned and thought, "Great, now Adelaide shall proceed to become an imbecile and instead of going to others (like her husband!) for aid, she will just take it all upon herself to conquer all adversary." I was shocked when that didn't happen and the heroine actually did the RATIONAL thing. That bumped this from a 2 to 3 star book for me! less
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Boring in the beginning, dnf.
Tracking for price drop.
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