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The Life We Bury (2014)

by Allen Eskens(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 5
1616149981 (ISBN13: 9781616149987)
Seventh Street Books
review 1: College student Joe Talbert has to complete an assignment to interview a stranger and write a short biogaphy. He finds a dying Vietnam vet at a local nursing home who had spent the last 30 years in prison for raping & murdering his 14 yar old neighbor. As Joe writes about his life and learns about his valor in Vietnam he questions whether this man could actually done what he was convicted of. Despite his own dysfunctional life he throws himself into uncovering the truth.
review 2: A well-crafted debut novel from Minnesota novelist, Allen Eskens. Joe Talbert has finally left his dysfunctional home for college, but not without guilt over leaving his autistic brother in a vulnerable position with his unreliable mother. As part of an English class assignment to re
... morecord a memoir, the young man becomes entangled in a cold case and races to clear the name of an accused Vietnam veteran sentenced to death row and dying of cancer. Characters with layers of suppressed memories and emotions buried deep only add to the suspenseful plot. Looking forward to more from this author! less
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Very powerful book. Never judge a book, or a person, by their cover. Highly recommend!! :)
Not great literature- but an entertaining read
Quick enjoyable read.
3.5 stars.
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