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Coyote Horizon (2009)

by Allen Steele(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 2
0441016820 (ISBN13: 9780441016822)
Ace Hardcover
Coyote Chronicles
review 1: This book was a three-star book until the last 50 pages when everything hit the fan. This is the fourth book set in Steele's Coyote universe and seemed to move slower than the others, up until the end when a major crisis is resolved. The book is set up in several stand alone sections, rather than a long novel with a single story arc. The setting on Coyote is unique in that it is essentially like a western, with some advanced technology thrown in here and there due to the planet's relationship with a deteriorating earth. In this book Steele talks heavily about politics,religion, and immigration. Looking forward to the 5th and final Coyote book.
review 2: A very nice read. Not a real book of short stories, but I liked the division into several parts. That ga
... moreve each point of view or story a better feelings and overall helped the cohesiveness of the book. I think there is potential for many more such novellas or small works in the Coyote Universe. I was very glad the ending was left the way it was. Just the way things happen in real life we don't always know all the answers. less
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Still pretty good. Getting a little newage-ie but maybe not in a bad way.
great series, add to your read list
G:\mainline fic
Great series!
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