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After The Winter (2014)

by Mark R. Healy(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 2
150257375X (ISBN13: 9781502573759)
Mark R. Healy
The Silent Earth
review 1: This Post Apocalyptic survivor's story, started off slow, building up the main character and established the world setting. However, once it got going, its pace picked up like a snowball rolling down hill. The MC is a synthetic human (android body with a human's memories added) named Brant.Brant wonders the desert looking for survivors while trying to avoid a band of Marauders, who are capturing still functioning synesthetic to salvage for parts. The bulk of this story is spent exploring the concept of 'What it means to be human?', 'When does a being pass the state of 'general awareness' and achieve the status of 'sentient being?' I enjoyed this book so much that I purchased it's sequel before completing the reading of it. I highly recommend this book to serious Science ... moreFiction readers. There is no 'teen drama/teen romance'. This is classic science fiction, just the way I like it. :-)
review 2: As the fan of the authors Prog albums i was extremely interested in the idea of expanding the musical series`s sci-fi world into an even larger format. The ties into his previous works are certainly nice but the story he`s started to craft here expands and entertains in ways the albums only hint at. Its proper thought provoking Sci-Fi with a wonderful somber tone that never forgets to let a little whimsy or humour to lift the mood of the story. Best book ive read in ages and thoroughly recommend it less
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This book sounds right up my street :) Can't wait for November.
Very very slow. Almost no action. I'm glad I didn't get book 2.
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