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Edge Of Falling (2014)

by Valia Lind(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: Love Chance. This guy is the kindest, sweetest most patient guy. Mr. Darcy swoonworthy for sure. the perfect book boyfriend. His love for Dakota has been unrequited for years. Even when she was snarly to him or ignoring him she stayed close to her and her friend. He never wavered always steadfast and always kind. they have a fun banter thing that will have you laugh and smile.Dakota is dealing with a family situation that has her feel that loving another only causes pain and suffering. With this in mind she only does fun flirty romances with no complications. That's where poor Kyle comes into play. She sees him and bam that is her next boyfriend. Poor chance. this does finally rile him up though to a point of no return. don't get me wrong there is one point that Chance doe... mores say something cruel but this was a lashing out after she finally crushed the poor guy. I mean crushed him to where he finally wanted to give up. Never that i would see that but it did come about.the two are so suited for each other. One needing love and not wanting it and the other needing someone to let them know they are not alone in this world. Chance has always thought it is only him and his dad against the world so when tragedy strikes he feels he must be strong and doesn't think anyone will care. Surprised by others reaction and especially Dakota's he begins to see the world differently. And has hope in Dakota once again. But hope springs eternal and fear takes over and Chance is again left crushed.And Dakota really did you honestly think hey after seven years of pining and loving me, after finally telling you how he feels you could just come on back and he wouldn't be angry? No sister honey that ain't how it works. You squashed him like a bug and flattened him to a emotional pancake that isn't easy to get over. A story on love and forgiveness. About forging your own path and finding your own happiness. About finding yourself and seeing you are not alone. A beautiful and fun story of love and friendship.
review 2: This isn't your typical boy meets girl, they fall in love, and live happily ever after kind of story. Dakota and Chance have been quasi-friends for years. Each of their best friends found true love together, but not these two.The tension between Chance and Dakota is palpable. You can feel the internal struggle with their pasts and the long-term effects parent issues have on them.In the end, you'll be rooting for these two!Valia writes beautiful, heart wrenching scenes that leave the reader wanting more. I found myself yelling at the characters and swooning at all the right moments. I'm hoping that there will be another installment of her FALLING series, so I can find out more about Jackson! less
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I may be slightly bias, but I loved writing Chance and Dakota's story!
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