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Unattended Heart (2013)

by Quen Benoit(Favorite Author)
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1482643901 (ISBN13: 9781482643909)
review 1: I received this as a Goodreads giveaway book. Overall, I had a very hard time staying interested in this book. I felt the story itself was not well defined and the dialogue felt very contrived and unrealistic. The dialogue actually made the reading disjointed for me as I couldn't imagine anyone, especially teenagers and preteens, speaking this way. I do believe this book is intended for a younger crowd. Overall it was not a book I enjoyed, as I was expecting something more age appropriate and multifaceted.
review 2: Review for:Unattended HeartThis book is a short, quick read. As I was reading this book it felt(to me) as if the story was out of balance. Here you have this young girl who's clearly being abused and bullied by both her mother and sister on a daily
... morebasis. Then, there's her aunt(her mother's sis) who apparently "cares" about her(the girl) yet she doesn't really do anything to help the situation—other than shouting "don't be so hard on her" or something like it a couple of times...On the cover, the book says "Part 1" but I still think there could've been more to the story. I feel like the book ended too abruptly, and I know there's probably more books to the series but still I think a "Part 1" of any book series should be able to stand on its own(at least in my opinion).Note: The copy I received does not have the cover pictured here on Good Reads, it's a picture of a female's shadow on a black and white background. *I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads. less
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Great Book, I Loved It The Whole Way Through, Can't Wait For The Next One.!
I liked it a lot but it was too short. Nice book though.
Good read, i can't wait for what's coming next!
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