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Bombyonder (2014)

by Reb Livingston(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 5
0990758206 (ISBN13: 9780990758204)
Bitter Cherry Books
review 1: * disclosure: I got this as free copy for review on NetGalley.com *(and felt I should ask for damages for even being suggested to spend time reading this :) )this tour de force felt like the pseudo intellectual ramblings of a potentially capable writer, which, if she hadn’t given in to sharing ALL those acid induced ideas (which - I am sure - felt like a pretty good idea at the time) might have turned out ok.It reminds me of the writings of Mellick III whom I personally find tries too hard to disgust his readers and William S Boroughs, who has obviously a skill for writing about the new and the strange, but imho also labours the point, drowns us in metaphors just a bit too far away, to flowery and too long winded… Someone on goodreads likened this to Gertrude Stein’s... more poetry and I must say I cannot disagree.Except that these three, have some discernible consistency whereas Bombyonder for me just felt pointless, random, erratic and simply without focal point.I don’t mind abstract poetry, but there has to be a point to it.And please: ‘cock’ and ‘penis’ in every other sentence, just don’t do it.They way it is currently presented, I think it's self absorbed rubbish and a waste of time.
review 2: I thought this book was fun, in a weird sort of 'digging out popular culture references' along with a 'imagine what writing down how your mind works on a random run of thoughts streamed together via assicative contexts' sort of way.I got a kick out of the references to news items, movies, tv shows and people. I loved how the thought process of the narrator was exposed to the reader as well. I thought the style of the story telling, from several different mental directions, was a bit rough at first, but soon became interesting to follow/explore. less
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It's my book and I'll give it 5 stars if I want to.
Not enough dick.
not enough dick
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