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Among The Echoes (2000)

by Aly Martinez(Favorite Author)
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review 1: 4.5I was getting ready to read Broken Course and realized that I missed this installment in the series. Although they are stand alones, they interweave. I started Among the Echoes blind and within the first few pages, I wasn't sure this was what I was in the mood for, but I continued on. There are some folks who are not partial to books where the main focus is 90% relationship. I happen to love that when it is done well. Aly Martinez did it well. Seeing a broken heroine rise up, become strong and find herself is a favorite of mine. Having this accomplished with the love and support of the men in her life lifting her up and helping her to regain her own strength, makes it all the more beautiful. I absolutely loved our main three and where I was hesitant for Sarah's book, I ... moream very excited to see where it leads.The only complaint I have was the last 25 % seemed a bit rushed. While I stand by my love for the relationship aspect, the plot, particularly at the point, was very good and could have been hammered out a smidge more. Most things were kept on a superficial level, but it mattered not to me. Great read that kept me sporting my stupid grin for a good portion of the book.
review 2: To say that i loved this book it's an understatement. But i really really really loved it anyway. I could not put it down until i finished. And it was around 4 o'clock in the morning. Erica it's a very strong ,admirable woman. Many would have crumbled,but she never gives up. I loved Leo. And even if we didn't find out much about him, it's ok, I Know he will have his own book. And i cant wait to read it. less
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