The Ultimatum by Karen Robards

Bianca St. Ives and her father retrieve what is stolen by any means necessary. It’s a rich life until her father is killed. Now unsettling secrets and deadly enemies threaten everything Bianca loves. Can she steal back her life?

Bianca is skilled, creative, and has a moral code. Her ability to plan heightens suspense because situations change quickly in dangerous ways. Will she see every variable and make the right decisions? Her cool spy score is further enhanced by glamorous locales, cool gadgets, and ‘mission impossible’ type situations. On her side are likable characters I would enjoy seeing again. My favorite character was Doc. He’s a hacker, not a spy, but he bravely insists on helping Bianca. They create a sibling-like dynamic. (Doc reminds me of Benji from the Mission Impossible movies.) Another character with potential is ‘Mickey’- a handsome operator Bianca spars with in several intense incidents. I also liked characters from Bianca’s security company  Savannah, GA. Opposing her are sinister villains I wouldn’t want to face. Ultimatum offers a super spy heroine, spy fun, and suspense.

Ultimatum has some similarities to Mission Impossible. Ultimatum also reminds me of Orphan X by Greg Hurwitz. Both books feature protagonists trained from a young age to be spies. Both are forced to face their pasts and deadly enemies who would kill/control them. 

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