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Blood Before Sunrise (2012)

by Amanda Bonilla(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 2
NAL/Signet Eclipse
Shaede Assassin
review 1: What an ending - but not surprising... I kind of guessed what would happen but that didn't make it any less wrenching!I wondered what this book would bring considering Amanda Bonilla had built up a world and its characters in book one, with surprising finesse and detail... But this book sprung just as many shocking events, if not more, than the first.Darian, in all her pearls of wisdom and stubbornness, fought her way through the evils thrown at her but still kept her Jinn out of her quarrels, thus making life difficult for all...Moira turned out to be a character I favoured in this book, I was a little disappointed not seeing so much of Anya but Raif, a definite 'top notch' character graced us with his presence throughout - I love this Shaede more than any of them!!! Raif... more's daughter went missing a long time ago and Darian is determined to find out what happened to her for her friend, some answers may lie with the Oracle...A great book, kept me hooked but a lot of what happened I did second guess, the bits in-between, I had no idea about and those are what kept me going... I needed to know all the details and I got them and a whole lot more..I am really looking forward to finding out what happens to Tyler and hearing more from Xander and Anya. I'm sure the fight in those characters has still to show the best bits...
review 2: Oh boy.. Where to start...I've begun to read this series because I seriously thought the MC, Darian, was a badass girl, much similar to Kate Daniels or even Mercy Thompson. And I have to admit, Darian is awesome in the action department, but the similarities ends there.I didn't enjoy the first book, mostly because I hated Darian for the get go! But I thought that, since it was the first book, she would change and be..., let's say, more! So I moved along to the second book.Worst mistake I ever made... She didn't changed, she got worse!!! Amazing, but sadly true!Darian is, without a doubt, the most hateful MC, SC, or any other type of character, I ever had the displeasure of reading! She's narcissistic, dumb, stupid, annoying... And the list, my friends, go on and on and on.... I simply hate her!The only reason I gave two stars lays on the rest of the characters and the author's writing. I really liked the writing, had fluidity and is relatively simple, which I enjoy. less
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This installment was slightly better than the first, but overall it was still only lukewarm.
Can't wait for the next book in the series!! Putting this one on my keeper shelf.
Really enjoyed - review to come
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